Thursday, February 19, 2009

8 days left to turn in your submissions!! (early call)

Hi there!! We have received A LOT of submissions!! I'm so excited to see them all!
Wanted to let everyone know that you have only 8 days left to turn in your submission. They must be sent to by Saturday, February 28th--Midnight.

I'm trying to reply to all of them so that you know that I have received them but there are a lot and it's taking a while. If you are not certain that I got it, please feel free to email me.

Suzy West
Lead designer, MLS

PS...Incase you dont' know if you are eligable or not...
Those that posted a link to their work by the 15th here:
are eligale to submit to the early call.


Jana Eubank said...

Cute layouts! Love the design and colors! :D

Suzy West said...

Thank you darlin!

Amy Adams (aka Scrapitgal) said...

Love the LO's. Can't wait to get me some of those cute lil' letters!! - I need some in every color!!