Saturday, February 28, 2009

DT calls!! It's almost time!

Hey there!! It's almost time! I am still going thru submissions. I thought I should let you know that when it's time, you will be getting a phone call from a 510 area code. So if you see that on your phone, it's me. :)

Suzy West

Friday, February 27, 2009

This is nuts!!! (DT related)

OMG this is nuts!! Why do you all have to be so good? I am having to make hard decisions here. We have had TONS of people try out for the early call and each one is awesome!!

I (DID) make one decision...and that's to pick more than one person...for this call. How many? I can't say, but it's more than TWO. LOL

Go check out They also carry new MLS!!
You can also get our stuff at Scrap Supply. So go check them out as well!!

Suzy West

Thursday, February 26, 2009

posting some more online sites that carry MLS

I'm just posting more online stores that are carrying My Little Shoebox products.
Thank you to everyone that has been updating me.
Scrap Etc is not an online store but they will ship it to you!!!
A lot more places are getting it or may have got it already but I don't know who it is. If you do, let me know and I'll post it here!!
Hugs, Suzy West
ps. if you have created with it and want to see it on our site, email them to me.

two days left to submit for the EARLY CALL!

Hi there everyone!!! I have received several submissions, and let me tell you...they are all GREAT! You are making it super hard for me to decide.
The only submissions I am accepting (right now) are from those that posted a link in the early call post. It's this post here:
If you are eligible and want to submit, you must email ME by February 28th, 2009, by midnight.
Subject line: Early dt call
Please follow the same submission guide as the other call that will start in March.
I have decided not to put you thru a lot and make you wait. I will CALL the new dt member or members.
I will announce the new additions to the team on the 1st here when we do our monthly update.
...and just some extra 411...if you are not chosen for the early call, you still have another chance! Your submission will be kept for the regular call.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at
Have a wonderful day!!
Suzy West

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Looking for some MLS online?

I've had several of you ask where you can get some MLS online. As of right now, I know that 2peas just got it in.
Life Time Moments just got it in as well.

I know a lot of other online stores ordered it but not sure who has it in right now. (if you are an online store, email me and I'll put a link on here for ya!!)

Suzy West

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Did you know...

Did you know...that we upload new layouts by our DT every month? Yes sir!
You will be seeing all the new layouts on the 1st of March! Make sure to check in here.

Did you know...that we have a facebook group? I just found out about Facebook a few months ago and I'm addicted! So I started a MLS Facebook group! :)

Did you know...that we are choosing at least ONE new DT member from the early call...and MORE from the regular call going out in March? (those that have are eligable for the early call have until February 28th to turn them in).

Did you know...that I'm going nuts over the submissions I've gotten already? Ummm yeah! You people are good!! WOWSERS!

Did you know...that I will be in Massachussetts teaching at the Sue Gilman rep show next month? I am! I love that show!! Lots of fun!!

Did you know...that I just met with Helen on yesterday to plan out our next CHA booth? We had a great meeting! We planned out tons of fun stuff!

Did you know...that if you create projects using our lines and email me pictures that there's a good chance you will find them on our blog!

Did you know...that I think our dt members: Tanisha, Danielle, Norma, Emily, Erin, and Gretchen ROCK??? We love them so much...we asked them to stay on another year!! LOVE THEM!!!

Did you know...that I'm tired? Yes, so I'm going to bed!! ;)

Have a great week!
Suzy West

Thursday, February 19, 2009

8 days left to turn in your submissions!! (early call)

Hi there!! We have received A LOT of submissions!! I'm so excited to see them all!
Wanted to let everyone know that you have only 8 days left to turn in your submission. They must be sent to by Saturday, February 28th--Midnight.

I'm trying to reply to all of them so that you know that I have received them but there are a lot and it's taking a while. If you are not certain that I got it, please feel free to email me.

Suzy West
Lead designer, MLS

PS...Incase you dont' know if you are eligable or not...
Those that posted a link to their work by the 15th here:
are eligale to submit to the early call.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

MLS "early call" Design team update

Hi there gals! I would like to once again thank you all for trying out. Wanted to give you one last update.
Everyone must turn in their submission to me (those that are eligable for the early call) by February 28th. I will then announce the new dt member by March 15th.
Remember to submit to
If you are NOT chosen for the early call don't worry you still have another chance to become a dt member. We will be chosing more in June!!!


Monday, February 16, 2009

attn: Winners---Your stuff is more!

HI there gals!!! Hope you had a fantastic weekend!!
I am so thrilled to say that all of the products have gone out to all our winners!! YIPPEE!!
Please send me pictures if you'd like, so I can put it up on our blog! We'd love to see what you create with it.
I am loving all the submissions that I've gotten in so far!! WOW you gals are creative!!
We closed the early call on Sunday night at midnight.
Everyone that posted a link by midnight is eligable to submit for the early call.
You have the information in the post below. So get them submissions to me because I will be choosing someone on the 15th of March.
For those that didn't get in the early call, don't worry....
The regular call goes out on that day!
So you can submit then.
Have a wonderful day!! Hugs
Suzy West
ps...if you have our new line and have created with it and want to see it up on our blog, please email me.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

MLS DT--Submission information

*****quick update: Please send your submissions to and NOT to the my little shoebox email I sent you. *******

Hey there gals!! This is the information going out to everyone on all the blogs in March.
Since I am picking someone from here, I wanted to give you the information first....after you read the submissions...the information that follows is for you that have posted on the this blog already.

My Little Shoebox
Emeryville, Ca
My Little Shoebox is looking for some talented scrappers, motivated, responsible designers who have time to commit to design layouts and projects each month from our product lines.

We are looking for:
1. Creative individuals that are able to do 2 different types of projects each month such as layouts, cards, and projects with our products.
2. You must post your work on 2 different galleries plus the MLS galleries
3. You must be available to commit to a 12 months term, which begin June 2009.
4. You must be a resident of the United States or Canada and at least 18 years of age or older. 5. Help judge any contests during your term (as needed.)
6. There are additional opportunities available to use our products to teach at your local scrapbook store.
7. You agree to release the rights of your designs to My Little Shoebox for display on the company website and in the company publications.
8. If needed your designs may also need to show at trade show.
9. In addition, as a design team member, you will be contributing twice per term to our company newsletter. You can post this on your personal blog.
In return you will receive:

1. A monthly package of our wonderful products.
2. Your choice of MLS products.
3. Your picture and bio on the My Little Shoebox website
4. Your own personal gallery on My Little Shoebox website

To apply please send an e-mail to including:

1. Full name, address, phone number, email address.
2. 3 layouts, 1 card, and 1 projects representing your best design work (jpg files or pdf file no larger than 500kb)
3. Link to an online gallery where we can see your current work.
4. Personal website or blog if you have one.
5. List your prior experience.
6. Design teams you are currently affiliated with.
7. Describe your style.
8. What makes you a unique addition to our team?
9. Have you been published, if so where and when.
10. Do you have teaching experience?
11. Tell us about yourself, please acknowledge how much time you are comfortable with to devote to My Little Shoebox each month.

Submission deadline is May 15th, 2009.Our design team members will be announced on June 1st, 2009. We thank you in advance for all your work and appreciate each entry! Questions may be directed to our lead designer, Suzy West

Hey girls...this is for those that have posted a link on the blog...

I am closing the early dt call for those that have posted their links here. It will close this Sunday.
anyone that submits after that will not be chosen for the early call.

For those of you that have posted...I am choosing someone on March 15th...The day the call goes out.

You have from now until February 28th to turn in your submission. (information given above)

If you are not chosen for the early dt call...don't worry you still have the second chance to try out.

I hope this all made sence! If it doesn't. Just email me.

All submission emails must be sent to me at the email above. Please do NOT send me huge photos. I will not be able to open them. Your email subject line: MLS DT EARLY CALL.

Have fun and thank you for your submissions!!
Suzy West
Lead desginer, MLS

Monday, February 9, 2009

Join our FACEBOOK group

HI there gals!! I recently joined Facebook and I'm a total addict so I thought I'd start a Facebook Group!!
If you are on facebook you can do a search for My Little Shoebox. Send a request to join and I'll have you in there asap!
We'll let you know when we are doing something special, like contests and dt calls. You can also check here.
Suzy West
lead designer & Face book addict! :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

...and the winners are...

HI there gals!! We have the winners. My little one picked #'s (#1 being the first person to post...#2 being the 2nd person to post, etc) and this is who won...

1. Peggy Kushman from Kentucky
2. Virginia from Leeds, Alabama
3. Stephanie Howell from Texas
4. Juliana from Missouri
5. Melanie Stanczyk from Wisconsin
6. Danna, not sure where you are blog is Enjoy the Season

Congratulations to you all!! Please contact me at and leave me with the following information:

Please tell me your 3 favorite lines.

We will continue to have contests so check back often!!!
Since I am a face book addict, I am going to be starting a My Little shoebox facebook group so you always know what is going on. I'll be doing this in the next few days.

Suzy West

Friday, February 6, 2009

MLS Question/Answer and more!!

Hi there!! I've had several emails with different questions so I thought I'd address them here so you can all see the answers. I thought I'd throw in a quick layout I did with some scraps that I had left over from CHA.

Q-Can I send you my link privately?
A-Yes. Just let me know you are going to email it to me. Add your name so I know who you are.
Q-Does this count as my submission?
A. No. I WILL pick at least one team member from those that HAVE posted here, BUT you still have to submit.
Q-Do I need to submit layouts with MLS products?
A-nope. (we'd love to see them if you have them)
Q-Is the new MLS release shipping?
A-Yes. Lots of stores are getting it or have it already.
Q-Do you have a store? What if I can't find it?
A- I do but it's NOT an online store. I would prefer you try to support your LSS or the online stores getting it but you can contact me if you can't find it.
I think those are all the questions. Keep coming back to see the scoop!!
I will be annoucing the winners on Sunday for the contest.
Add us to the blogs you follow and check back often. I will be having more contests and chances for you to show off your MLS projects here!! :)
Suzy West

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

MLS DT update

THIS JUST IN...02.05.09 udpate
I would like to thank you all for the wonderful things that you have been posting, emailing, etc!! You gals are the best!!!
I've made a decision about something.
Are DT call will be going out everywhere,
but I've decided to pick at least one person that replies on this post with their link!!
There is a lot of talent here! WOWSERS!!!
So pass the word girlies!! I'm looking!
I may also be doing something crazy.... besides posting here...check back often!! Add us to your blog that you follow so you don't miss out on updates!
Alrighty...back to what I was doing...Oh I know...working. Yeah right! :P
Hi there gals!!! I'm so overwhelmed by the amounts of emails and posts about the dt! It's so cool!!! We have an awesome team and are excited about adding more!!
I wanted to give you all scoop here if that's okay. It'll tak me a lot longer to reply to everyone.:)
The design team call will go out on March 15th.
We'll post it on the pubs blog and we'll post it here.
(so make sure to follow the blog so always get scoop!)
You will all have the opportunity to submit..all info will be given on the 15th but in the meantime I will start checking out your links that you send me.
So if you'd like, go ahead and post them here.
Thank you, Suzy West
Lead designer, My Little Shoebox

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Welcome and a contest!!!!

"Hi there gals!! I'm Erin! A design team member of My Little Shoebox!
I wanted to thank you all for coming to our booth!
We had a lot of fun and can't wait to see our fun lines in your stores."
(Okay so it's Suzy typing...but this picture is priceless and I had to do something cheesy!
Erin makes it to easy for me!!)
We really did have a great time in our booth! It was good to see so many faces!!
If you didn't get a chance to see us
Erin is on the left. Helen in the middle. Me at the right.
This was our little booth. Small but we got a lot in there!
These are two of MY favorite lines.
Neighborhood and Enjoy Life
These are some of the samples from our team!
Tanisha, Danielle, Emily, Norma, Gretchen, Erin, and I.
The best team EVER!!!
I also want to thank some of my girls from the store who helped out: Pattie, Rocio, and Krista! These girls rocked it!!
ooooh scoop!! So our dt has a one year contract which is over in June and then we are "supposed" to do a call for a new dt...BUT...I can't say good bye yet. So I have asked them to sign on for another year and they said YES!!! YEAH!!
BUT....We are going to add more to the team!! Yes, I'm so excited!! Let me know if you are interested. The call will go out in March! Look out for it!!
Alrighty...more of the booth...

So on to more stuff...a CONTEST!!!
We are going to pick 6 lucky winners that will get one of our lines!! A complete line to be exact!!
Want to see the lines? Go to My Little Shoebox website!!
the lines are: Wonderful, Neighborhood, Flawless, Enjoy Life, Turtles and trees, & Who's there?
go to the link above and click on each line in the products section.
What to do? Tell us which lines are your most favorite!!! Please include your NAME.
You have until Saturday, February 7th to join in.
I will pick the 6 lucky winners by midnight.
Come back here on the 8th to see who won.
If your name is me at with your name and address
and I will send you a package!!
Tell your friends!
Hugs, Suzy West
Lead designer, My Little Shoebox
Ps....product is shipping now! So contact your lss to see if they are getting it in.